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Flat Screen Images
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Flat Screen Images


Constellation Outlines: Hevelius illustrations at HubbleSource (Space Telescope Science Institute) -

NASA Mars media:

Creative Commons LicenseArtwork below is by Danielle Futselaar, originally created for use in the Astrobiology planetarium show at Lawrence Hall of Science, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Gliding Hopperoo
Gliding Hopperoo

...lives on a moon of Kepler-90h which is a bit smaller than Earth, with low gravity, and quite hot. Low gravity make relatively thin legs reasonable, but they are powerful enough to take high jumps and glide through air to a new place. The wings are rich in blood vessels that help cool it when gliding, especially through the shade of tall forest trees. It has a double set of eyes so it can look to the ground, up, and all around at the same time. Opposable thumb on the appendages indicate that it may be able to handle tools.


...lives on Kepler-62f which is a bit bigger than Earth, with higher gravity, cold, may have a lot of ice. The antenna are used mostly in social interactions with other gigantipedes. The big eyes allow it to see clearly in darker places under shrubs where it must go to digs up roots which are its main diet. Opposable thumb on the front paris of appendages indicate that it may be able to handle tools.

Deep Dweller Octopod
Deep Dweller Octopod

...lives on Kepler-22b which is large, has high gravity, and is hot, possibly an ocean planet.  This enormous sea creature has extra eyes on top of his head to look above where most of his prey is. There are also a few eyes to look in front. The prey is mostly whales and sharks, which are an indication of just how large the deep dweller octopod actually is. His teeth are sharp to chew down the fish and he has serrated claws to also grip/tear his food with.

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